10/08/09 A brief encounter

  Ever since the skiing trip in March I was so looking forward to the U2 concert in Zagreb. A friend of mine called me in France to tell me that her friend is organizing a bus to go and I decided I’m gonna be on it no matter what. I didn’t let the fact that in the end she couldn’t go and I had to find a replacement and the fact that my stomac wasn’t in the best condition, stop me at all. At all! Continue reading


04/08/09 Home improvement with spanish guys

Two spanish guys decided to explore Slovenia, its rural areas and meet local people like me. The fact that I was redecorating my house a bit didn’t stop them. Continue reading

28/07/09 The american at the music festival

There is always something that goes wrong but it almost always turns out that it was good for something. You can plan as much as you can and in such details but there is always room for improvements. As a sporadical traveler and a travel listener I should know. And nobody knows more about it than a young californian on his trip around Europe. Continue reading

The beginings 15/07/09

At the time I have lived in a village on the road from Maribor to Ptuj, both interesting traveling destination, just young enough to do more sofisticated stupid things and just old enough to do them responsibly. That is why I didn’t think twice when a girl from Poland wrote about a hitch-hiking contest taking place around Europe, hoping I could host her and her boyfriend who had won before and were planning on winning again. Continue reading

Couch-hosting – what it’s all about

We simply love traveling. Me and Mitja, that is. We absolutely enjoy changing of scenery every once in a while and we get fresh boosts of energy everytime we go somewhere. Anywhere different really. I guess variatias trully delectat. We would love to believe that someday we will be able to get away from it all, pack our bags and just take off but I think deep down we already know that this won’t happen very likely, at least not untill we’re retired and not missed by anyone. Not regarding the chains we are in, we travel all the time. By hosting. We get to travel all around the world, taking trains, buses, hitch-hiking, cycling and on foot, we get to stay at hotels, hostels and tents, sleeping in hamocks and on the floor.. but without bugs and mosquitos, without spending money, waiting in lines at museums or rain dripping down our necks at a bus stop at night. We get to talk to so many very different people, comparing experiences and discussing the similarities in languages. We get to let so many stories in our lives, broaden our horizons and enrichen our  minds. The meaning of getting to know so many very special people is a privilege and a responsibility to share the experience  with as many people as possible.


When I saw the clip on tv, I was pleasantly surprized that such a thing exists and observed with joy that it is spreading fastly and broadly. It is one of the most decent thing, it enrichens both the surfers and the hosts life and it is simply fair. I made a profile the next day, checked the box »couch available« and wen’t with the flow.  Between a bundle of polish hitch-hikers , cyclists from Japan, France and Austria on one and a family with a small child on the other I was lucky enough to meet a special man who shares all my thought about this and a fair amount of many other issues.