Not all americans were so memorable but everyone left some kind of a mark. I quickly figured out that european touring is really popular among american young and not so young people all across the US. Shortly after, I received a request from a retired math teacher on his european tour. His one night stay came and went fairly unnoticed, him coming late and leaving early in the morning.  A californian girl traveled from Finland and Sweden through Ukraine, Hungary and passed my house for a short night to continue to Croatia. Another american with chinese roots came on the morning train from Ljubljana. Travelers usualy arrive at the bus or train station and whenever I have the possiblity, I like to pick them up and drop them off there, since there is still another 20 or so km to my house. She had been traveling for a while then and she seemed tired. So I asked her what she wanted to do, take a sight-seeing trip around Maribor or just relax infront of a tv, wash some clothes and do nothing. Every traveler needs to recuperate once in a while, to gather strenths and spirit, backpacking is actually hard work. A day of watching tv is sometimes exactly what the body requires. She left the next day smiling and really looking forward to the rest of her trip. Benefits of tv, eh..Who knew?


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