04/08/09 Home improvement with spanish guys

Two spanish guys decided to explore Slovenia, its rural areas and meet local people like me. The fact that I was redecorating my house a bit didn’t stop them.  I had to move my bedroom from a sunny west-side room to north side of the house, it was way to hot there and there was a lot more space in the new room. I had to tidy up the room and repaint it. A pair of helping hands attached to smiling faces was exactly what I needed to get the job done swiftly and stress-free. The lack of painting skills we compensated with enthusiasm and beers, but I should’ve guessed that they would conviniently have to get back on the road as soon as the cleaning started but who would blame them.. We made quite a mess up there. In between hard labour work for me and exploring both towns in the vicinity, they couldn’t get much rest, or wanted to.


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