10/08/09 A brief encounter

  Ever since the skiing trip in March I was so looking forward to the U2 concert in Zagreb. A friend of mine called me in France to tell me that her friend is organizing a bus to go and I decided I’m gonna be on it no matter what. I didn’t let the fact that in the end she couldn’t go and I had to find a replacement and the fact that my stomac wasn’t in the best condition, stop me at all. At all!

  In the morning of the day of the concert I received a request from 5 desperate french guys. They were arriving by car late in the morning and wanted to stay for the night, the next morning they would be back on the road towards the sea side in Croatia. They had tents and needed just a bit of a soft grassy area. What could I do? I told them we would be on a really tight scedule but the lawn is theirs for the night. And sure enough, they came to the meeting point just in time for me to show them where is the best place for tents, introduce them to my folks, explain that they just need to point at things to get them since my parents don’t really speak english very well, and wished them a nice stay.

  Next morning, when I finally got up still hearing the humm from the great concert, they told me they’ve slept great, my parents were really helpful and they will never forget waking up to the sound of hungry pigs from the neighbouring farm.


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