01/09/09 An international mix and match

  Some people travel in bundles, some prefer to travel alone. Each way has its ups and downs. No matter how close you are to your traveling buddy, some friction is bound to happen sooner or later. Traveling can bring the best and the worst in people, so if you are traveling in packages of more than one, you should know and like your partners well or you will soon be counting minutes to returning home without being able to appreciate the trip at all. When you are traveling alone, you don’t have to worry about people getting on your nerves, soon that’s all you crave for. And after a while, you would have so many stories stacking up with no one to share them with that when you have a chance to tell them.. well, imagine vulcano erruption.

  The first of of September I was expecting a french guy traveling with a car, taking a break from a regular »nine to five« life. He excluded everyone and everything from this trip, making room for new things to happen and new people to meet. I met him in Maribor after work and after he got the opportunity to explore the town on his own. He seemed hungry so on the way home we got a »burek« for everyone. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that in the evening the german fellows are coming, they sent an emergency request the day before. I did write the french guy about it, but he hasn’t been online to see it. Fortunatelly that was no problem, again the more the merrier principle provaled. So we got the balkan traditional dish for everyone.  We were just getting properly greasy around our mouths when german guys made a loud entrance. They were able to find the place without a problem and as soon as they walked in, they spotted the burek and almost cried of happiness. They were obviously hungry but the hapiness came from recognizing one of the most popular balkan foods. It turned out they were on the way to see bosnian grandparents of one of the guys. This was a coincidence.. and they just kept coming. We realized we both ride motocycles and made plans about a european trip someday soon. It hasn’t come to light yet, but someday for sure it will.

   Meeting so many various people with such different backgrounds, lifestyles and values, you quickly realize that you will find long lost best friends from previous lifes in some, find common ground with others and find an accidental meeting point with the rest. It doesn’t take much experience to recognize which group someone belongs to and accepting this fact really makes traveling and hosting a lot simpler. And more enjoyable for both sides.

  We went on and on about everything and nothing, comparing life stories and experiences, taking dives into the depths of souls, regretfully almost forgeting about the poor french guy who sat with us sporadically saying something forgetable. Even though he was a really nice guy, he had some stiff competition and he just couldn’t bring his best to life. I’m sorry about that..I hope that german beer and slovenian strawberry wine was of some comfort. But it was his tired red eyes that reminded me that they all have to leave early next morning and we better get to bed. Well, my mattress was still missing and the new one was yet to be a part of my couch-hosting experience, so I told the two german guys to use my bed, the french guy slept on the floor in a sleeping bag, me and my dog were cuddling on the couch.. Oh, man, here we go again.

  Next morning I made some breakfast with turkish coffee for the lot. Of course the one with bosnian background claims it as bosnian, I don’t mind at all. The two showered me with presents, I even got a german sausage, which was totally unnecessary but extremely delicious. We were all still smiling when they drove off, I swear that even the exhaust smoke was shaped into a smile..


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