A welcome break came after that. Having all those people arriving and departing all the time made me forget about living my own life for a bit. I got a chance to clean the house a bit, take care of some paperwork I was pushing back all the time and have a piece of my own adventure.  I enjoy making friends through couchsurfing but I started to miss the friends I already had. I may have become a passionate part of couchsurfing but it has become just one more part of the person I was and am, together with my motorcycling, badminton, work and social life it has made me a bit more complete. I never thought I was any less of a person because I didn’t have a permanent guy in my life, I kinda always knew he would come along when circumstances will be just right, so I decided to live my life to the fullest so I would have great stories for him someday.

  And then he came along.. Like a thunder he swept away everyone from the dancefloor and placed his behind in my hands and took my heart. I have to admit I don’t have much recollection of the event but the message next morning put fundation for a long lasting happiness highway. We met at a tea place for our first date, as a non-hipster as I’m proud to be, I had to google the place out before I could find it. When we sat down and entered the usual »interview mode« I decided this is not gonna be one of those dates. Let’s get out of here and  do something we haven’t done before.. Let’s make it new and fresh, just like us. So we went to the tourist information center and grabbed a map of the town with interest points and went on a tour. Just like people I host, I wanted to see the town from a tourist point of view. What do I tell CSers to go see? Have you heard about Couchsurfing?

  Couchsurfing isn’t just an internet organization that provides travelers a couch to sleep on or a host to get presents from distant or not so distant lands. In my belief it brings people together on many levels. You can realize that people like yourself exist all over the world, people with similar troubles, people who share your joy and cry over the same losses. You get to understand that the term country doesn’t represent its people. You get to experience that labeling people by their countries (or anything else, by that matter) is a complete nonsence. You get to the understanding that laughter sounds the same in all languages, that you can recognize a smile even if you are meeting a person for the first time. It becomes clear to you immediatelly that the helping hand that counts for anything isn’t the one shown on tv and heavily promoted, it’s the one that does it without expecting rewards or credits. The only consequences you expect when you open your home to someone is that it continues, that people who enjoy staying at your home, extend their hospitality forward. The best part is that everything is volontary. If it doesn’t feel comfortable letting people so deeply in your life, you can just join them for a cup of coffe or show them around the town a bit. Or you can organize a cs meeting in your town so travelers can get together and meet one another. Possibilities are countless.

  I could see he really understood as I was explaining to him how globally great this really is. I enjoyed the conversation immensly, he knew exactly what questions to ask, I could feel the vawes of energy between us while we were discussing possible downsides and how to avoid them. Then we kissed.. And the longer we kissed the more I knew he was special.


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