11/11/09 From the land down under

  I was walking on clouds. I took all sorts of careful steps but I still got swirled up on a rollercoaster of love and loving every step of this unusual journey. The only moments that the thought of him didn’t completely occupy my mind was when I held my husky’s cute little puppies in my hands. Her name was Kala and I took her from a shelter a year before, frightened and at times a bit unstable, ultimatelly the perfect companion for a lost soul like me. She had bright blue eyes and therapeutically soft ears that made all your troubles disappear. After a year of calmly sizeing me up and finally deciding I was suitable to be her new owner, she turned back to life and became a joyful, playful dog that didn’t listen to anyone. Fr

om one of her escapades she returned pregnant and the result were 7 cuddly, fuzzy and extremelly cute puppies that made my hapiness level rize up even



  This was the situation when two aussie mates came to our lives. On their life-altering journey around the world they found our humble little village determined to explore it. I was a bit surprized that the two traveling aussies that stepped off a train were actually a lot younger than I expected. Yeah, ok .. I should have read their profiles more carefully but I guess I could see right into their souls just by looking at the pictures. Strolling down the streets of Maribor, laughing and joking, proved me right all the way. They could totally tell that I knew what I was doing, showing them around town, reveiling some of the details I was able to remember from the first date. I still had the map with me so we could check my progress as we went along. Fun times..

  Beer was cold and dinner was quickly prepared so the evening was going smoothly. To beer buzzed, totally full and a bit tired people a bunch of puppies with their gorgeous mother is a perfect social lubricant, if we ever needed one.  They even washed the dishes before bedtime, fun times indeed..

  The next day they decided to explore the village a bit, snoop around the house and garden, play some more with puppies and basically wait for me to get off work so we could return to Maribor. I had a second encounter planned and I wasn’t about to miss it. I left them alone in the town center, told them where we would meet afterwards and ordered them to wish me luck. I knew they had it in them to cope with a small town so I went on my way with my mind totally occupied elsewhere.  I met him under Pohorje and we went up the hill.. And then down the hill. I am not reveiling everything here, nope a-a.

  I guess that the guys spotted the change in me afterwards, when we met on Lent. In the daydream I was playing in my mind over and over no traspassers were allowed, they had to poke me from time to time to get me back to reality. Freshly in love I must have been a nasty sight and an even worse conversationalist but I was able to pull myself together enough to listen about the day guys had. Since there is a lot of fine wines to choose from in this town, their sight-seeing trip was a lot of fun and hanging out with sleepy puppies before bedtime was the perfect atmosphere to exchange stories. Uh, fun times..

  I guess you might find it unusual how easy and comforting it is to share such intimate details of ones life with complete strangers but the truth is that it is sometimes even easier and even more comforting than sharing them with people you know. You don’t have to be a professional psychoanalysist  to have a feeling that people close to you are more likely to judge your decisions and give you warm-hearted advice you don’t need about your life when all you want is to share the joy and welcome them inside your mind and heart in hopes of a blessing and benefit of a doubt that you know what you’re doing with your life.

  By this time, I thought I had gotten used to saying goodbye to strangers who became friends over night but a few years later I still find it difficult. But this was no goodbye but a farewell, we will meet again to fullfill our business plan of having a sports goods and equipment store on a Golden coast. Our lifes will be awesome when we start living our dreams someday..


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