It was like the whole universe simply realized that we needed some alone time and conspired against any possible distraction this fresh and growing feeling might come across. Cupid hit us with immaculate presition and getting well from a wound like that takes time and a caretaker willing to heal your wounds as well as letting you heal theirs. Right from the start we silently knew our paths haven’t only crossed but were instantly inter-twined, you could say destiny caught us with our pants down taking a piss in the bushes..

  As days gone by we gratually got to know and appreciate each other more and more. To this day, it is still surprizing how effortless our lives became, how meaningful and special all the little things became. And eventually how time consuming fresh love can be.. Reasonably enough, we have became a bit overwhelmed and consumed by it and we closed our little world to outside influence for a while. Just to take it all in.


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