18/12/09 From the land down under .. the sequal

snow fun2

 An experienced australian couchsurfer was the first visitor we got to host as a couple. As much as I was excited about showing him this lifestyle first hand, I was also anticipatingly crossing my fingers that he will be able to see it as I do. By then we’ve already moved in together and we were both excited about hosting. After receiving the request, we took time and examined the profile together and decided that the australian guy was perfectly suitable for our first guest, he was an experienced traveler, one of the first couchsurfers and his references were all positive and warm. He was in town for a CS meeting, an event that takes place from time to time. Not only meeting, there are also barbeques or making fire and roasting chestnuts… Usually a local couchsurfer hosts an event where travelers from all over the world, currently at the same place, can meet, hang out and exchange stories.  There is something comfortable debating life with people who share an interest no matter how strange and different they might be.

  I picked him up at the train station. After loading the bags into the car, I took him to the CS meeting. I had to decline a nice invitation to join but I had a more important encounter I had to go to. I was meeting my significant others friend and all girls that ever entered a relationship of any sort, know how nerve wrecking that can be.. or how much is actually riding on that. But I guess it went just fine.

  It was quite late when we got home. He told us all about the meeting over some beers but we responsibly decided to leave the conversations for next day. We sat down at breakfast and couldn’t decide what to do first, we had so much plans in our head for our first ever common couchsurfer. First of all, we had to do something about that fresh snow that fell last night and drifting on snow was just the thing. There is a large patch of asfalt being used as a depony in the fall, close to our home that was surely not used in the winter. The sun was shining, the sky was all blue like a kids drawing and peace was overpowering the scenery. But just until the cars started revving and loud screams of fun flooded the tranquility. By the look on the australian face, you never would have guessed it but we really had fun and we drew some amazing art on the fresh snow. A unique streetart transformed into snowart while birds chirped and the camera was rolling.

  Lack of bravery is definitelly not a thing we could hold against the australian. As soon as we told him what we have planned next, he was up for it. A friend of Mitja’s (yep, that’s my boyfriend’s name!) is an aikido activist and he invited us to a marcial arts tournament where his club had a presentation. I have to admit that Muay thai boxing isn’t really my idea to have fun but.. and I’m quoting.. seeing grown men in shorts hugging each other at -15 degrees is a sight to see anytime. And for the boys, every now and then a lady in a bikini went by. Shivering I presume..

  Later on, we cooked some wine at our place to warm up a bit. While we were defrosting, we asked a billion questions around couchsurfing, we learnt and confirmed the importance of fully reading a profile of every person requesting a couch, he taught us that reading not only the profiles but also the references from other hosts or surfers. He explained to us, how the couchsurfing structure works and how there are always some people that tried to exploit the idea. Didn’t succed, though. Luckily. Since he has been to Slovenia and Maribor before, we concentrated on Australia even though I had this course before with the two aussies from the last post. But Australia is so vast and I didn’t hear about the rat kangaroos ever before. Can’t wait to meet one in person…


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