23/12/2009 First surfing experience

  Writing requests is not an easy task, not at all. I didn’t even give it a second thought before I had to write one and then discover how many details I have to have in mind. Requests should almost be named a literary genre that much thinking it involves. It should contained all of the viable information in a rather short article-like text. It obviously has to contain time of the arrival and duration of the stay, number of travelers and means of transport. You should also make sure that you write down a little something about yourself and try to focus on the good stuff. A little reference or two about the hosts profile doesn’t hurt and it gives a warm feeling that you actually read the profile and not only copy-pasting the same request over and over. Everybody wants to feel special and couchsurfers and hosts are not an exception here, and nothing makes you feel less special than a request with a strangers name on it. If you can help but to resolve to solutions like that, don’t use names but a generic  Dear host won’t hurt anyones feelings. And last but not least you have to wrap all of this in a little, short and entertaining story that would make a host be willing to give you shelter and spare time. Still sounds easy?

  The end of the year was approaching quickly when my man decided to come clean. There was this thing bothering him for a long time, borderline shamefull and really difficult to confess, impossible to get by and yet necessary to urgently intervene. Somehow in the hurricane of circumstances he came by a couple of tickets for a musical. I have to admit I’m not really a theater goer, it’s not the plays that bother me usually, it’s the audience. Normal everyday people tend to  transform into fur wearing culture specialists, unable to grasp reality untill they get out of the theater. But nevermind my prejudices, we had an issue to deal with. A pair of Michael Jacksons musical tickets..  Which was taking place in Wienna. We soon had a feeling that everything was leading us towards our first ever couchsurfing experience and we decided to grasp the opportunity with both hands.

  After immense search over people willing to host us, we found a cs newbie just perfect for this situation. For a one night sleepover our correspondence was impressive, mainly because my request lacked vital information and had to explain myself over and over again. But Klaus was not only willing to invite us to his home but was flexible enough to switch next weekend to this weekend.

  Our big trip took 2,5 hours ’till destination. Highway all the way, baby. Klaus met us on the street where we parked and really took over everything. And a good thing he did, we were a bit lost. He welcomed us in his home full of plants and light, not only helped us with our tour but showed us places that are and are not in the tour guides, explained Wienna’s public transportation and even drove us to the musical venue. For the musical. About Michael Jackson.. Which was cool, surprizingly. I was even able to stop myself from pointing fingers at poor bastards with overpaid white shiny replica gloves freshly bought during the break. But all in all, the singing was great, the scenery was interesting and I was in great company.

  We left Wienna early next morning after saying goodbye to our host and inviting him to stay at our place if he was ever in Slovenia. It was a bit weird being on the other side of this fence but I could finally see how it feels. We just might be lucky as hell but Klaus’ couch was an awesome place to surf.


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