Summer of 2010

  One of the first times my Mitja spent the night, he was able to double park three of the other cars. That was way back then when my moms sewing business was going good enough to employ people. He was forced to meet all of them trying to get out of the parking lot. He had learned a lot since then. We both had. The more we found out about each other, the closer we felt to one another. I dare to admit that talking to all sorts of different people,  introducing ourselves and describing our lives over and over made it a lot easier for us to get to know each other better and better as well.  You never really know a person untill you see them at their best.. and their worst. To this day I haven’t seen him at his worst, I’m sure but I’m also sure that the best is yet to come, too. Getting to know someone is a journey worth taking, getting to know all kinds of special individuals on the way is just a bonus.


  In the very peak of summer heat we welcomed a second south american. Udo was a german living with his wife in Peru for many years somewhere by the sea. Since his wife was afraid of flying he traveled alone. And, oh boy, did he travel.. By now at his rate, there must be a handfull of countries he hasn’t yet visited. Backpacked, actually. I definitelly don’t consider myself a heavy packer, I had a chance to compare my packing skills to seven other girls on a won prized trip to Turkey where it turned out I was the only one with one outfit per day with a bit of backup for clumsy situations. Three outfits was a bare minimum, a quota I had known nothing about. And still I’m always amazed how little people carry around with them. I know, I know, possesions are irrelevant but traveling this light is still a concept I admire and have to get used to.  Carrying a small backpack an older man hitch-hiked to our village, proving that life isn’t determined by age but vice versa. We have just discovered the other day that there is a small man-made pond in the vicinity so we took the opportunity to take a quick dip. A great choise of refreshment in that heat wave, I tell you. There is nothing better to take your mind of things than drinking a cold beer by the water while a world traveler shares his stories. Peru is definitelly on our agenda some day, perhaps also due to his description of the country. A must see by his own words.

   One of the most  bizzare traveling destination even for a local let alone a young foreign traveler is a small silly region called Haloze. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautifully excluded from any progress, seldomly populated and really green peace of rural wilderness but it doesn’t cross minds. Ever.  It is not mind crossing. Imagine our disbelief when a girl from Germany hitch-hiked to Maribor intended to go to there. We were right in the middle of dinner, when she told us about her planned destination. She didn’t quite pronounced it correctly so we had to ask three or four times: »Where is that? Sounds a bit familiar..« Then it hit us. I think we sat quietly for a moment, just trying to picture it. Just a while ago we got a ticket to vegetarian hell, when we accidentally prepared meat tortellini for her. And especcially for her, we had chicken. By the time we figured out, she was finishing off seconds. Breaking her heart after a great lunch would have been to much. And she still had Haloze on her agenda.  We really ment it when we wished her good luck but we still have never heard from her since.

to be continued…


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