September 2010 The end of an era.. and a beginning of a whole new one

  Living close to parents of one of you definitelly has its up-sides, no doubt. It’s not at all difficult if you can mutually respect each others space and avoid each other a bit. But once it was decided, we knew it was always inevitable. Continue reading


Summer of 2010 the sequal after the sequal

… There is something really comforting in realizing that the moment you are experiencing is the best moment of your life. It makes me wonder, can you know while you are experiencing it or it doesn’t sink in until later. Continue reading

Summer of 2010 the sequal

  P. and N. went on a roadtrip. Their plan was to drive around Europe from Poland to the seaside, taking enough time for seightseeing and experiencing serious life changing events. For them, being on one of the last post-relationship journeys, Continue reading