Summer of 2010 the sequal

  P. and N. went on a roadtrip. Their plan was to drive around Europe from Poland to the seaside, taking enough time for seightseeing and experiencing serious life changing events. For them, being on one of the last post-relationship journeys, it must have been cleansing and relieving whilst for a lot of people it could have become destructional and ending. Honest commitment can easily be detected even by strangers and true friendship is as intimate as a relationship. I believe that all bagguage should be put away when an adventure is over, litterally and metaphorically, before you can begin another journey. It seemed they have successfully done that and remained friends along the way. Maybe this journey allowed both of them to say goodbye to the life they used to know and move on. It was quite a surprize when a few weeks later N. wrote us saying she has moved to Slovenia, started learning slovene and looking for a job here. And she met a guy here. Not just any guy, she found a guy worth turning her whole life around. They came to visit us when we lived in Maribor one time before christmas and dispite of our party crowd we were able to connect. We still haven’t completed our promise to surely see each other again but we meant it at the time. I’m sure of it.


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