Summer of 2010 the sequal after the sequal

… There is something really comforting in realizing that the moment you are experiencing is the best moment of your life. It makes me wonder, can you know while you are experiencing it or it doesn’t sink in until later. Sounds a bit sad but I guess you have to have it first before you can evaluate it and give it a grade. One of those, memorable times, we spend on our balcony, sitting on the floor because of the lack of furniture, having drinks, discussing the ups and downs of being thirty-ish. It is rare to find people who think the same, it is even more rare to spot them half around the continent. If having a nice time is comforting, imagine how it feels to know you are not alone with your radical, unthinkable thoughts. It is funny how some conversations quickly take you in depths unimaginable, swirl you around in it, fills you up with ideas and takes the loneliness away. We have all watched our pears geting all grown up, wondering what’s the rush with having children and buying minivans, observing our friends and acquaintances transforming from people who put their legs on a table to adults telling their children not to do that. It seemed that there was a point in time and place when transformation occurred but we were left out. We were probably out drinking and partying when this happened and they were busy organizing barathons.

  It was sad for all of us that the two belgian guys had to leave the next day. People you feel you can learn from tend to leave a significant gap in your life. We knew we had to know more about this barathon and what do you know, in less than three months we knew all about it. Our road trip to Belgium and Holland will be mentioned another time, don’t miss it.

  The definite down side of Couchsurfing is not being able to keep in touch with all these great people for very long. Not from the lack of trying, it’s not that.. But messages and e-mails are sent less frequently, slowly reducing to happy birthdays and bigger life events until even those are gone. It’s natural, I guess. Other things start to occupy our minds, some routine issues we have to deal with daily get in the way and paths that crossed briefly go their own way.  There is no way of telling how many potential true friendships faded away this way. If true friendship really lasts forever, these were not destined to doom or they weren’t real friendships. Time will tell, I guess.


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