A life altering roadtrip – September of 2010


  We had a lot going on this year. We were getting to know one another first, then, after becoming more and more comfortable in each others presence, gradually letting other people inside our lives, building our own story and inter-twining it with the rest of the world. Simply being happy kept us busy for the most part of our free time. And then we change it completelly, we decided to have a different background to our lives, to observe how we would evolve in a somewhat new enviroment we would call home. And have a lot of fun in the process.

  Of course we needed a vacation! We needed to experience our first few-days-away vacation as soon as possible. We had some money put away for this and all we had to do was decide where to go. As if this was easy.. but somehow, we got on the same page quite easily. We were going to try that Barathon thing no matter what.

  The first thing after the destination and form of transport is decided, the designated traveler checks how far it is. How many kilometers, how many hours and how much gas it is to there. What to pack, from absolute nessesities to backups and just in cases. Where to go and what to see, what to sacrifice for something better and what is not even worth mentioning. Adresses needed to be written down, potential hosts contacted and synchronized with everything. Basic stuff, really.

I am a bit of a hopeless romantic. Not in a chocolade and strawberries, rose petals on the bed, candle light dinners or worst, a bouquet of cut down flowers kind of way. Why kill a plant without any meaningful purpose? Against all odds, I still believe it is possible to save ourselves along with the planet just by living a bit more sustainable and humble lives. If that’s not romantic, I don’t know what is. By now, we had discovered that we feel the same about so many things it can’t be a coinsidence that we’ve met, but still feel genuinly surprized when we discover a new commonality. We both like finding sence in most trivial, trying to extract some kind of experience out of any situation so a journey 13 hour long didn’t really take that long.

 For the first time driving so far, we took the most direct route. Having read The Nürnberg process and since we were passing by the place, we decided to stop and have a short look. We grabbed a cup of not at all good Sturbucks coffe and took a stroll around the centre. We discovered the wall, embrassing the centre and taking us all around. While we were walking and laughing and taking pictures, a huge half naked lady started yelling at us, pointing at the camera and wildly shaking her head. It took an unusual amount of persuation to convince her we were taking pictures of the wall and not of the prostitutes in the towns red light district. We were out of there soon after.


…to be continued


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