Merry December of 2010

Merry December of 2010

This was definitelly the time of our lives. This flat was amazing, we were amazing living there. Mitja having three and a half minutes from door of our place to door of the office where he worked, me having flexible times so we were able to spend as much time together as possible. We explored this apartment inside and out, I don’t think even the owner knew all these things about the place. It was geniously designed for people like us, with one huge room and a separated kitchen. Next to the front door was a patch of tile made from a mirror. One row of the tiles was under an angle so you could lose a nose and ears looking in it there. Do you have any idea how funny that is under certain conditions? And how many time we had such fun? Or how relaxing can a bubble bath be after a long winter walk? Or how convenient it is to pick a movie five minutes before 8 o’clock? It was a great place because of the little things..


 One of the windows, overlooking the river Drava, had a stain of a passing by pigeon. We almost shat ourselves when it hit the glass but he left a beautiful impression. We couldn’t stop looking at it. It was finally decided that we wouldn’t wash that window so it would always be there.

We really learned there how to enjoy life. With a big help from our friends I must say. There were people coming over quite often, getting a bit drunk with a space twist occuring from time to time but it was more about getting together, having a few laughs and trying to have the best possible time in a given time. Often we would gather at our place, have a drink or two and then go out to a concert or something. Every now and then, twice a week at least,  he was able to impress me once again. He was telling me a story once and made a grammar mistake.  And then corrected himself. Me, I’m not really forgiving with grammar mistakes people shouldn’t be doing if they had ever read a book. It’s a totally different story with sleng words or accent specialities but some mistakes are just dumb. He does that a lot, you know. Impress me, I mean.



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