December of 2010

One of the definite upsides was being able to participate in urban events all over town with little notice or none . We attended street concerts, alternative movie nights, photo exhibitions, we visited friends and had friends over, we really tried to exploit towns hospitality and give some back at the same time.

  One of the weekends in December was especially memorable. A famous indie rock groups, I’ve never heard of, decided to have a concert in the main square. Since it was a charity event, hosted by second largest mobile operator, the tickets were 1€, practically nothing. We soon realized that the group I’ve never heard of was really seriously popular in neighbouring Croatia. The flood of requests was impressive, majority of them for at least three people. We planned a little get-together anyway, so we decided to host a croatian party of four. In the end, we hosted a whole other party of four, the first bunch couldn’t make it due to a little weather issues a.k.a. snow blizzard on the road but it was a great replacement. The coincidence would have it that our old couchsurfing friend Natalia, we hosted her as our last guest in the previous location, called that she was coming by with her boyfriend. It turned out she met her other half on her last trip, a bit after she stayed at our place. A few months later she moved to Slovenia, learn a bit of slovenian and was speaking almost fluently by the time of her visit. A lot has changed for her, a lot of it for the better, and I was really pleased she shared that with us.

 A few of our friends also came by. It was a perfect combination of people for this hangout to turn out great. You know how it is sometimes, when you find yourself on a party where there is someone who just doesn’t fit in, doesn’t understand the jokes, gets insulted easily or makes fun out of others really inappropriately. If such a person has a sidekick as well, no one can tell how it will end.  It happens a lot but it didn’t happen that night. By the time the croatian youngsters arrived, we were way past eating a very special pudding and intensly hanging out in our smoking approved zone in the kitchen. We were, as always, prepared to share but other than one girl having a pudding, they were fine. Soon we were on our way out to the snow storm. It was great seeing all those people hanging around town even if it was cold and wet, not so great walking through the crowd in condition we were in but there was no stopping us. I didn’t particularly like the music though, and it took me a while to show interest in indie music again. We lost our couchsurfers on the way somewhere. Quite soon I would presume and no official explanation was given. Luckily we gave them the spare key along with instruction, they had some after-parties to attend while we, as clearly the representatives of the »getting older« generation, went back home.

  I believe in generation gap. Yeah, I know, some people are developing faster and reach certain depth easier but in general, there is a noticable difference in the way of thinking, physical shape and span of attention. We all went to get some coffee the next day and we all got to talking, really slowly and quietly. One of them asked me if this was our favourite bar where we usually hang out. Well, no. We didn’t really have a favourite bar and we usually hanged out at our place or went to someone elses place. Favourite bar, meh.. Like we were twenty or something. And then I remembered, they probably are. Damn! 


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