Home is where the heart is

It’s been a while, I know.. I didn’t give up on this blog or anything. I didn’t quit. It would be so easy to say I was just busy, who would know.. Maybe it’s even the truth, just not the whole truth. I was busy, I have a new job. It has become a big part of my life, my ‘free and able to write’ time has been reduced drastically. I really like spending time with Mitja so I try to do so as much as possible. So there… Time and different priorities are my two excuses for not being there for you, my readers.

Last time we were together, we were reminiscing (gotta love the meaning of the word in the dictionary: “indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events”) the day that a Spanish guy helped us save and eventually fail to save a seagull while two hungarian hitch-hiking girls cooked paprikash for all of us. Good times… That was a while ago now. In between we moved again. A good part of summer of 2012 we worked on our new place at Mitja’s parents house and before October we were already moved in. That was quite a project and a huge goal to set and achieve as well. Most of the work we did ourselves and we are really proud it actually came out just the way we wanted. Or better even. But that’s a whole new post some other time. We now live in a surprisingly vast village on the northeastern part of Slovenia. It’s really close, adjacent in fact, to Gornja Radgona. A small town, 5000 occupants at most. I’m not being pessimistic but an average sight-seeing kind of tourist doesn’t have much to see here, no monuments, no renowned museums or galleries or even special events. There are no bars with long hours and certain reputation, no real underground scene or a squated place with mainstream-loathing, system-hating band, no guitars squeaking through the night. Not even a movie theater, working one at least. Night life here is not meant to attract the masses. We thought nobody would even find this place let alone look for it. And yet, people still requested to stay here. Awesome, right!?

A whole other type of people comes here though.. No more party-goers, since there are no parties here, no apparent night life so all the alternative looking hipsters fall off, no more documentary directors or talent scouts or inventors. People who come here look for peace and quiet. They want to get away from the city crowds, they want to enjoy the sound of their own thoughts after a while, they want to be able to feel the tranquility you can only find in pure nature. There are small hills all around us, green forests exchange places with vineyards. Small road follows the crest of the hills, so playful and bursting with colors. The different shades of green and white in the spring, red, brown and yellow in the fall. Walks, hikes, riding bikes, long talks on the terasse late at night. Staring at the sky and counting shooting stars. Outdoors at its best, I tell you. We were ready to be a part of nature again, we moved here at the right time. Bring it on!

How cool is it, on the scale from 0 to cool, that you can get an awesome ice-cream here? Pistachio, dark chocolate and vanilla, mmmm. And the fruit flavors, pineapple, blackberry… aahhhh it’s like eating the fruit but soooo much better. And they are not stingy, the scoops are majestic. No burger place, though. Nope, we don’t recommend burgers. It would be nice, from time to time, to go get a late night snack after a night out. Oh well, we don’t go out much anyways. It would be great though to have a place with fresh čevapčiči. Out of a van in front of some club in the middle of the night. After a few beers five or six čevapi with freshly cut onions, a spoon of ajvar (baked and mixed paprika salad, with I think tomatoes) and a piece of bread would be exactly what the doctor ordered. I’m shocked no one has thought of that yet, just stunned. It would be so easy… Anyways, we don’t have that either here. But there are a few very nice, not so expensive restaurants, A great selection of wine and since a few years now also beer. A guy from around here had an idea about a microbrewery while he was traveling around Belgium. When he came home, he started to work on his plan and after a few birocratic glitches and moving the business to neighbouring Austria, you can now get around 10 kinds of his beer and numerous others from all around, including of course Belgium. Oh yeah, and the food is good to.

… to be continued


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