April 2011 – the religious couple and a renegade from Czech

   I couldn’t describe myself as nosy under any circumstances but I definitelly go through life with a curious note. Overwhelmingly intriguing as life is, it never fails to make us wonder over and over again. I try my very best to find those alusive little things in life that power up this curious note in me and I hate to miss any opportunity to learn new stuff.  So, when a request of this sort arrives, I can’t refuse. Continue reading


December of 2010

One of the definite upsides was being able to participate in urban events all over town with little notice or none . We attended street concerts, alternative movie nights, photo exhibitions, we visited friends and had friends over, we really tried to exploit towns hospitality and give some back at the same time. Continue reading

Merry December of 2010

Merry December of 2010

This was definitelly the time of our lives. This flat was amazing, we were amazing living there. Mitja having three and a half minutes from door of our place to door of the office where he worked, me having flexible times so we were able to spend as much time together as possible. Continue reading

September 2010 The end of an era.. and a beginning of a whole new one

  Living close to parents of one of you definitelly has its up-sides, no doubt. It’s not at all difficult if you can mutually respect each others space and avoid each other a bit. But once it was decided, we knew it was always inevitable. Continue reading