Les forgettables

 From time to time it was a real circus. The days were going so fast, that from time to time we had to take a break, check the Occupied box on the profile and take time off. Off everything really. From time to time we had to spend time together, just the two of us. It’s no wonder I guess, that in time some couchsurfers more or less blend together, unable to be recognized anymore.  Going through the CS correspondence I found quite a few names that I couldn’t pin the face to it. Or any kind of event or even conversation..

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Summer of 2010 the sequal

  P. and N. went on a roadtrip. Their plan was to drive around Europe from Poland to the seaside, taking enough time for seightseeing and experiencing serious life changing events. For them, being on one of the last post-relationship journeys, Continue reading

The beginings 15/07/09

At the time I have lived in a village on the road from Maribor to Ptuj, both interesting traveling destination, just young enough to do more sofisticated stupid things and just old enough to do them responsibly. That is why I didn’t think twice when a girl from Poland wrote about a hitch-hiking contest taking place around Europe, hoping I could host her and her boyfriend who had won before and were planning on winning again. Continue reading