April 2011 – the religious couple and a renegade from Czech

   I couldn’t describe myself as nosy under any circumstances but I definitelly go through life with a curious note. Overwhelmingly intriguing as life is, it never fails to make us wonder over and over again. I try my very best to find those alusive little things in life that power up this curious note in me and I hate to miss any opportunity to learn new stuff.  So, when a request of this sort arrives, I can’t refuse. Continue reading


28/07/09 The american at the music festival

There is always something that goes wrong but it almost always turns out that it was good for something. You can plan as much as you can and in such details but there is always room for improvements. As a sporadical traveler and a travel listener I should know. And nobody knows more about it than a young californian on his trip around Europe. Continue reading