Les forgettables

 From time to time it was a real circus. The days were going so fast, that from time to time we had to take a break, check the Occupied box on the profile and take time off. Off everything really. From time to time we had to spend time together, just the two of us. It’s no wonder I guess, that in time some couchsurfers more or less blend together, unable to be recognized anymore.  Going through the CS correspondence I found quite a few names that I couldn’t pin the face to it. Or any kind of event or even conversation..

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Sur la mer and beyond

 The feeling when you wake up after a hard night in a strange bed can only be mitigated by a strong protein-based breakfast and a huge coffee. Nothing else will do the trick no matter what. We counted the coasters I took from each bar last night and reached the number 16. That’s 16 small beers in one night! Well, small belgian beers which are smaller than ours but still. It was a small miracle that we were in a shape we were in. And in this shape we had to continue our life altering journey. Continue reading

23/12/2009 First surfing experience

  Writing requests is not an easy task, not at all. I didn’t even give it a second thought before I had to write one and then discover how many details I have to have in mind. Requests should almost be named a literary genre that much thinking it involves. Continue reading